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We have canvassed the globe and are pleased to be able to present superfoods and herbs that will assure you invincible health and longevity. Going to any lengths, we are devoted to providing the most natural, pure, free from adulteration, highly concentrated and distinctive products at very reasonable prices. We offer authentic superior herbs and superfoods , the crème de la crème of the plant kingdom, based on the millennia of formulation experience that has been codified, documented and researched.

We carefully select each product making sure it is of the finest natural ingredients and that it is produced using the top standards in the world. We support local growers and families of the countries where each product is produced.

"All that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature…the challenge of science is to find it."

~ Paracelsus, the father of Pharmacology(1493-1541)

Our Story

The genesis of Yin Yang Superfoods came in 2009 as a result of a shared passion and dream envisioned by us - Renee and Damian, husband-and-wife team when we discovered, by good fortune, way to radiant health* and Longevity, the Fountain of Youth. In seeking to answer the health challenges of today, we deeply immersed ourselves in the natural medicine, ancient healing sciences, nutritional practices, and lifestyle pursuits that supported our ancestors in many generations of robust health, powerful immunity, and longevity. Focused predominantly on the thousands of years of experience of Tibetan monks, Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Herbalism, we became longevity students and found fulfillment in passing gathered knowledge on to as many people as we can.

Our Quest & Vision

In life, it is very rare that one not only has the luck to find something that he or she can truly enjoy, but also has the ability to share this experience. Therefore, we dedicated ourselves to help others achieve radiant health, to inform people about living foods, bringing only the best and most powerful superfoods and herbs that offer a cornucopia of gifts to the body and its functioning. Our quest and vision have no limit and are forever expanding as we find incredible new products and ideas that can contribute in a truly significant way to personal development and invincible health.

We are now living in the most incredible time in human evolution ever, in a time of unprecedented abundance. For the first time in all of history, we have access to the best foods, the best supplements, and the best information. Superfoods, superherbs, and living plant foods that have always been rare are now available to you.

Use your wit and knowledge to access the best minerals and health components in the best foods ever.

The Principle of Yin and Yang - A Universal Compass

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the most superior and effective herbal system in the world that uses many therapeutic modalities, the major one being herbal medicine. Its development has been a historical process flowering in Chinese culture for more than four thousand years.

More than 6,000 substances have been used, examined and documented in the past millennia. Of the several thousand herbs used in Chinese herbology, there is an elite group of herbs known as the "Tonics". They are defined as herbs which promote radiant health and longevity. The very purpose of using the superior herbs is to help establish a harmony of body, mind, and spirit and to aid the body-mind in its adaptive needs. Chinese Tonic Herbs are a primary source of true human potential and empowerment.

Many of the tonics have their biological origins in the geologically diverse region of Changbai mountain range - "Forever White Mountains", which borders northeast China and Korea. Due to the mineral rich and super-charged soil, plants grown there are remarkably potent. The region has been considered sacred and kept in pristine condition throughout millennia. Emperor Kanxi, the third emperor of the Manchu Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) designated Mountain Changbai a forbidden zone, and birthplace of the Asian races.

Chinese medical herbology is based on the theory of Yin Yang and Five Phases, which are the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The "Great Principle" of Yin and Yang was developed more than three thousand years ago by great sages and scholars and can be applied throughout our daily life, on every level, whether family, social or political. The theory of Yin and Yang energy represents the duality of balance and harmony within the body, as well as within the universe. Earth energy is Yin, while Heaven energy is Yang. Yin exists within Yang, and Yang within Yin. Yang manifests as masculine, active, creative, hot, hard, light and bright. Yin manifests as passive, receptive, feminine, cold, soft, and dark. Everything in natural world contains both Yin and Yang. They are interdependent. Without Yang, Yin cannot grow, without Yin, Yang cannot develop. The dynamic balance of Yin and Yang always changes and transforms the body's life-force energy. It is believed that through the regular consumption of "Tonic" herbs, the body and mind maintain its self-regulatory capacity, assuring radiant health and longevity.

"Those who endeavor to follow the way if yin and yang will develop a power and subtlety in their lives that will result in amazing achievements."

~ Ron Teegaurden , The ancient wisdom of the Chinese tonic herbs

Renee & Damian

*"Radiant health" is defined in the Orient as "health beyond danger". It is the highest level of health.